How to Disable Amazon Prime Auto-Renewal

How annoying that Amazon makes the auto-renewal option so difficult to disable.  It used to be a simple option to select.  Now, you have to click the “End membership” – not just once, but twice, before you get the option to keep your membership until the end of the year.  But you can still keep […]

Viral gastroenteritis sucks

It all started with little F’er 2.2 having some diarrhea. No biggie – it happens, or so they say.  Of course, it quickly turned into painful diaper rash on top of diarrhea.  Still nothing I haven’t been through before. But then little F’er 2.1 started to act crabby and seemed a little warm.  Then the […]

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review – Part 3

This post is part 3 of my comments on Godaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting platform. Part 1 discusses how I wound up using GoDaddy for a wordpress site. Part 2 discusses my initial impressions, including differences from standard wordpress self-hosted accounts and initial performance thoughts. Part 3 will discuss the overall product being offered, now that […]

Lamborcuzzi – patent pending

I’m watching How I Met your Mother, as the misses likes to watch it and I find it is a good show for me to browse the internet to, and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) mentions how he always wanted a Lamborghini with a Jacuzzi in it.  And then a few moments later he refers to […]