Weber Genesis Grill Cookbox Cracked Near Hinge


I have to say that Weber is an amazing company.  When I bought our Weber Genesis E-310 grill a few years ago, we spent quite a bit more money than other no-name grills that had similar size.  I’m extremely happy that we went with the Weber, especially after dealing with their customer service. On Memorial Day, […]

WordPress Jetpack Mobile Googlebot seeing desktop version instead of mobile

I’m doing what I can to get all of my sites ready for the big Google mobile update scheduled for 4/21/15.  I got the notice in the Google Webmaster Tools for the site hosted through GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress that it was not mobile friendly.  I was surprised since I am using the Jetpack Mobile theme, […]

Garage Door Spring Repair

We had a power outage and so I had to pull that red handle to release the garage door from the opener. I’ve done it once before without any problems. This time, though, I was able to get the door open just fine, but the door would not stay up. I had to have someone hold it while I […]

Battery for backup sump pump – testing and replacement

We had our sump pump system redone after basement flooding issues in 2009.  One of the upgrades was putting in a more powerful back-up sump pump.  Our plumber used one that is comparable to the Zoeller Aquanot II pedestial pump.  It will run off of the AC wall current when we have power, but runs […]

Hand Numbness – Causes and Evaluation

So numbness in the hands is one of the vaguest symptoms you can have, and it can have a multitude of causes from anxiety to paraneoplastic syndromes (a side effect of certain cancers).  I of course assumed it was cancer, as that seemed like the worst thing it could be.  Surprisingly, I didn’t think it was a […]

Precor Elliptical EFX 5.23 Clicking Noise – Fixed

Precor EFX 5.23

A few years back, we decided to get an Elliptical for exercise.  My experience with exercise equipment has never been good.  I’ve had an exercise bike and a treadmill in the past.  Other than the occasional use for their intended purposes, they seemed to mostly get used as a place to hang wet clothes to […]

Storm damage to pear tree – how to repair

Bradford Pear Tree

We had a bad storm here recently, and one of our trees lost a giant branch.  I’m no arborist, but Google is my friend.  I knew it was a pear tree, and after doing some reading, I’m fairly certain that the damaged tree is a Bradford Pear tree.  If you do a Google search, you’ll […]

How to Disable Amazon Prime Auto-Renewal

How annoying that Amazon makes the auto-renewal option so difficult to disable.  It used to be a simple option to select.  Now, you have to click the “End membership” – not just once, but twice, before you get the option to keep your membership until the end of the year.  But you can still keep […]

Viral gastroenteritis sucks

It all started with little F’er 2.2 having some diarrhea. No biggie – it happens, or so they say.  Of course, it quickly turned into painful diaper rash on top of diarrhea.  Still nothing I haven’t been through before. But then little F’er 2.1 started to act crabby and seemed a little warm.  Then the […]