Garage door remote not working after changed bulb – fixed

Short answer – LED light bulbs frequently interfere with the garage door remotes. Changing to a standard light bulb will fix the problem.

Long version:  So after having some service done on my garage (again – I’ll eventually write a post on what happened and what fixed it) our light bulb stopped working. Yes, I tried a new bulb and it still didn’t work. I’ll have to write another post on that issue, but luckily my garage door opener has spots for two light bulbs and read more

Rheem Furnace Two Blinking Lights – Pressure Switch Open

Thursday October 26, 2017
Yesterday the furnace stopped providing heat.  I’ve had some success troubleshooting in the past, thanks to the internet.  My Rheem furnace has an indicator light that will flash different codes based on what the problem is.  This was a new one – two flashes of the green light followed by a few second pause, then two flashes again, etc.  Looking at the panel schematic, it said that the problem is an open pressure switch and proceed to step F on the read more

Flu shot not covered at urgent care location

I’m irritated.  More than even my usual self.  I have always gone to my local outpatient immediate care center for flu shots and my insurance has always covered them.  Every year.  This year my insurance carrier decided to deny the claim, saying that preventative services provided at an urgent care location are not covered.  They said to review my benefits book for details.

I look through my benefits book and it clearly says in multiple locations that preventative services provided at read more

Bare Root Raspberry Canes – 1 Year Update

I decided rather than doing multiple post updates like last year that I can do one post and just update as I go along.  I just haven’t been sure when I was ready to start.  It probably would have been better to start at the beginning of the summer, but it is probably better to start now rather than waiting any longer.

Briefly, I planted bare root raspberry canes the first week of June 2016.  I planted two types, Joan read more

Refinishing a Wood Front Door – Cheap and Easy

Left: Before. Right: After. Hopefully you did not need to read this to know that.

I remember shortly after moving in during 2009, during the “restoration” after our basement flooded, one of the repair workers commented that our front door needs to be re-painted. It turns out that the restoration company also does a lot of painting jobs. I hadn’t really paid much attention to how the door looked, as I wasn’t aware of many of the details in our house at that time. We have a nice wooden and glass front door, surrounded by two wooden framed glass panels. read more

Sewer gas smell in basement after ejector pump repair

Last week I had the pleasure of learning what happens when the ejector pump in our basement fails. Very messy and stinky to say the least.

I’m driving home and get a panicked call from my wife that we have a problem in our basement. She of course asked if I used the toilet the prior night assuming I’m responsible for blocking the toilet (again). For once, this wasn’t my fault. She proceeds to tell me that the basement toilet is backed up and now we have sewage water backing up read more

Bare Root Raspberry Canes – 3 and 4 month updates

I know this is quite late, but here are some updates from my bare root raspberry canes from last year.  The last updated had been the 2 month update.  Here’s how things went the rest of the summer (and fall) of 2016.

I started to get my first raspberries to pick around mid august on the floricanes.  The Joan J were ready a bit sooner than the Anne berries.

Many of the Joan J berries I got the first year were not very big.  I’m not sure if this is because it was the first year, because read more

Generac generator making buzzing noise

I was outside a few days ago tending to my yard when I noticed my Generac generator making a buzzing noise. I’ve been in my yard almost every day this past week, so I know it was new. Also, this was the day before the weekly test, so it wasn’t an issue related to the test. The service light was green, so nothing wrong there.

I’m not an electrician, but hearing a buzzing noise from a generator had me nervous. I called my installer and fortunately he answered even though it was read more

iPhone 7 Volume Down Button Malfunction

My wife just got an iPhone 7 and within a few days she told me the phone would suddenly show the ringer volume dropping as if she were pressing the volume down button. At first she thought it was the case she was using, but nothing seemed wrong there. Also, after taking the case off, I noticed at one point when the volume was all the way up, the volume down button did nothing.

I haven’t found anything about this online yet. I called Apple and they said bring the phone in for a replacement. read more

Activating Sprint Upgrade Phone on Another Line (Selling Sprint Upgrade)

I love my Sprint plan, but I hate Sprint customer support.  My plan offers an upgrade every 2 years, or approximately a $400 credit towards a new phone in exchange for agreeing to another 2 year contract.  I am still happy with Galaxy S5 (which is still working after getting wet thanks to the fix I found).  The Galaxy S6 I think was a step backwards and the Galaxy S7 doesn’t offer the removable battery which I’ve grown to really like.  Even read more