Generac generator making buzzing noise

I was outside a few days ago tending to my yard when I noticed my Generac generator making a buzzing noise. I’ve been in my yard almost every day this past week, so I know it was new. Also, this was the day before the weekly test, so it wasn’t an issue related to the test. The service light was green, so nothing wrong there.

I’m not an electrician, but hearing a buzzing noise from a generator had me nervous. I called my installer and fortunately he answered even though it was read more

Battery for backup sump pump – testing and replacement

We had our sump pump system redone after basement flooding issues in 2009.  One of the upgrades was putting in a more powerful back-up sump pump.  Our plumber used one that is comparable to the Zoeller Aquanot II pedestial pump.  It will run off of the AC wall current when we have power, but runs off DC current from a large battery when the power is out. These types of pumps can pump about 35 gallons per minute at a 10 foot head, which is significantly more volume than cheaper models that read more

Basement Flooding Remediation – drying it out – Part 2

Continued from Part 1 – on becoming a basement flooding expert…

As I was out of town when the basement flooded, the first thing I did was call our homeowner’s insurance which was Allstate at that time.  The woman who answered was super friendly and said I don’t need to worry and should do whatever I could to clean up the basement now so that I won’t have bigger expenses down the road.

Being naive, I assumed I would just need to have someone pull up our carpet, clean read more

The beginning – and dealing with a bit of mold

Yes – I would say I qualify as an expert in basement flooding.  Not quite an expert in PREVENTING basement flooding, but maybe someday I will be there. This all started about 5 years ago when I bought a house that had basement flooding issues.  Of course, the previous owners said the flooding occurred because there was no backup pump and there was a power outage.

It wasn’t until I lived in the house a few months that I learned that a backup pump wasn’t going to keep my basement read more