Bare Root Raspberry Canes – 1 Month Update

I planted some bare root raspberry canes one month ago, on June 2, 2016.  I previously explained why I chose to plant Joan J and Anne raspberry varieties.  I posted a one week update and now it is time for a one month update.

As I explained previously, I planted two rows of bare root raspberry canes, with a mix of five Anne and eight Joan J.  I wanted to alternate them when planting, but I lost track of which was which in the pale after the first two. One of the rows gets slightly more read more

Bare Root Raspberry Canes – one week update

I planted my bare root raspberry canes on June 2, 2016.  I wasn’t expecting much growth for the first several weeks, or even longer. Particularly based on my previous experience.  But I did get a little bit of growth after just a few days.  There was the one twig that had little buds forming after 3 days.  There were read more

Planting Bare Root Raspberry Canes

After selecting my Anne and Joan J raspberry canes for their flavor, productivity, and being thornless (turns out Joan J are thornless, but Anne have “mild” thorns), I placed my order from Nourse Farms.  Nourse Farms is one of the few places that repeatedly gets mentioned as a place to order bare root raspberry canes, and other berry plants. I liked that the orders read more

Sunflowers Drooping

Last year I grew some sunflowers from seed.  They were the only plants that grew so large in the pot that I moved them to the ground.  I had let the three sunflowers get pretty large in the pot, so I couldn’t easily seperate them when I moved them to the ground.  When they started to get big in the ground, my wife leaned them against a chair.  That worked fine until the heads got big and then those flopped over a little.  I didn’t do anything with them and the birds and squirrels read more

Removing Grass to Plant Bare Root Raspberry Canes

I decided late this Spring to plant some bare root raspberry canes.  After a failed Home Depot bare root cane, I did more research and got some very high quality bare root raspberry canes from Nourse Farms, ultimately selecting Anne and Joan J to plant, choosing them over others mostly because they are thornless.  I’m not the most patient person, so I didn’t want to go through the effort of optimally read more

Why I Selected Anne and Joan J Raspberries to Plant

While my Home Depot bare root raspberry cane was failing to grow, I was busy doing research on planting my own raspberries.  I came across a great article comparing the productivity and the taste of primocane raspberries.  If you don’t already know, there are two main types of raspberry plants – primocane (or everbearing) and floricane (summer bearing).  Basically, the raspberry read more

Raspberry Bare Root Canes – Failed Van Zyverden Heritage

Original Post: 6/4/16
Update 4/15/17

Note from 4/15/17: To be fair to Home Depot, I was at Home Depot last week and noticed a large supply of bare root raspberry canes that had plenty of healthy green leaves on them.  I’m not sure if they are provided by the same company (Van Zyverden), but the display looks pretty much the same as last year.  I clearly must have gotten one of the last raspberry canes last year and got a dead one.  I would think if you planted one with healthy leaves, read more

Raspberry Shortcake Plant Review

Original Entry – May 22, 2016
Most Recent Update – July 23, 2017 (Please note that Brazelberries – the company that distributed the Raspberry Shortcake plant through 2016 – was bought out and the name was changed names to Bushel and Berry.  The new website does not have all of the same information the former website had, so I apologize if I reference some information you can’t find on the new website.)

I will preface this post by saying I’m a VERY amateur gardener. read more

Vaccines and Joint Pain

I am very much a pro-vaccination person but I sometimes think that in my situation, there are more risks than the typical person. The main reason I think I have additional risks is because I seem to have immune system issues.

Briefly, a list of issues I have that fall in the autoimmune disease category include simple things like seasonal allergies and allergic asthma (especially around cats and dogs). I also have chronic urticaria that started around age 22. Timing wise, I associate the chronic read more

How Long for Pillcam to Pass?

You can read about my adventures in arriving at my diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, which was ultimately made with the use of the Pillcam sb3 camera pill.

Information from the company that makes the Pillcam cites studies showing around a 2% retention rate. They define retention as not passing within 2 weeks. I’ve read in various places read more