Passing Mucus when Pooping – Solved

I’ve been debating for a while about this post and finally decided I should share.  I mean, this is an anonymous blog, right?  Well – who knows if it really is anonymous.  I wasn’t even sure how to title this post.  There are plenty of ways to describe it – rectal discharge, mucus, watery diarrhea… When it first happened, it just seemed like some slimy thick clear “stuff” that came out when read more

Hand Numbness – Causes and Evaluation

So numbness in the hands is one of the vaguest symptoms you can have, and it can have a multitude of causes from anxiety to paraneoplastic syndromes (a side effect of certain cancers).  I of course assumed it was cancer, as that seemed like the worst thing it could be.  Surprisingly, I didn’t think it was a brain tumor, but multiple sclerosis did cross my mind.  I figured this was another good topic to explore as a result of my hypochondriasis.

First, to describe how the numbness presented read more

Viral gastroenteritis sucks

It all started with little F’er 2.2 having some diarrhea. No biggie – it happens, or so they say.  Of course, it quickly turned into painful diaper rash on top of diarrhea.  Still nothing I haven’t been through before.

But then little F’er 2.1 started to act crabby and seemed a little warm.  Then the diarrhea came from 2.1 as well.  And then the painful diaper rash.  And then more diarrhea.  And then more painful diaper rash.

I spent hours looking online for suggestions read more

Sharp stabbing pain in top of ankle

This is one weird, but horrible, pain I’ve got.  I first had this about a year ago.  It came out of the blue and was a sharp stabbing pain, like a dagger.  The location was odd as well – right on the top of my foot where my leg meets my foot.  The pain was so strong that I wasn’t sure if it was also on the side of my foot – the lateral outside side mostly.  It would be extremely strong, enough to knock the wind out of me, and then it might pulsate a bit, but then go read more

How I made sure I didn’t have lice

So 2 weeks before one of my little F’ers comes home from overnight, we get a call that there has been an outbreak of lice at camp.  Our lucky child happens to have nits but no visible lice were spotted.  They went ahead and treated him (with who knows what) and then they treated again after 1 week.  This was a few days before he comes home.

I of course did a little bit of reading at that time and felt that the two treatments should have adequately taken care of the problem.  The treatments read more

Recreational water illnesses for fun

Being spring break where I have the little F’ers for a week, I decided to take the four of them to the neighboring water park.  Oh how I love the smell of chlorine (not really).  It at least gives me the (probably) false sense of security that everything is being disinfected.  Aside from one of the little F’ers farting on the way there, and me worrying that they had contracted salmonella from my fried matzah the day before, the trip was a read more

Don’t need to overcook that matzah brei

I made fried matzo also known as matzah brei this morning for me and the little F’ers.  I am not much of a cook, but usually I make pretty good fried matzo.  I couldn’t find my usual recipe so I think I made it a little different today (although I’m not sure how many different recipes there can really be – maybe just different ratios of egg to matzo).  As I was letting it cook in the frying pan, I started to wonder if I’m really cooking the eggs well enough.  read more

Rat Droppings, GI Symptoms, and Hypochondriasis

I discovered a tag line for my blog:  “Learning Medicine Through Hypochondriasis”.  It came to me yesterday at our Seder when everyone was sharing their illness concerns and it became clear that we are a genetically hypochondriacal family.  Nonetheless, I realized that I was most motivated to learn issues in medicine when I was worried that I was dying from the particular illness.

As I mentioned in my earlier post about rat droppings by the read more

Rat Droppings in the Grill

After the nice cold winters we get in the Midwest, we took off the cover to our new grill we bought last year and the smell caused a flashback.  Not quite to PTSD criteria, but bad nonetheless.  Yes – as the title of the post gives away, there were rat droppings in the grill, or at least somewhere in the vicinity.  I’m sure it was the nice warm, sheltered cover on the grill combined with the juicy, fatty grease in the catch-tray (or whatever that’s called) that attracted some read more