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Crohn’s Disease

Posts about inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn’s disease.

Vaccines and Joint Pain

I am very much a pro-vaccination person but I sometimes think that in my situation, there are more risks than the typical person. The main reason I think I have additional risks is because I seem to have immune system issues.

Briefly, a list of issues I have that fall in the autoimmune disease category include simple things like seasonal allergies and allergic asthma (especially around cats and dogs). I also have chronic urticaria that started around age 22. Timing wise, I associate the chronic urticaria starting around the time I received the 3rd booster shot for the Hepatitis B vaccine. It is probably just a timing coincidence, but it is there nonetheless. And most recently, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.
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How Long for Pillcam to Pass?

You can read about my adventures in arriving at my diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, which was ultimately made with the use of the Pillcam sb3 camera pill.

Information from the company that makes the Pillcam cites studies showing around a 2% retention rate. They define retention as not passing within 2 weeks. I’ve read in various places that the retention rate in Crohn’s disease can be higher than 5%.  The downside of a retained Pillcam is that it got stuck and could lead to an obstruction and it very possibly will require surgery to remove.  The upside (if there is one) is that the Pillcam likely identified a stricture – a narrowing in the bowel that can most easily be conceptualized as a result of scarring inside the intestines.  Severe strictures often require surgery anyway, so the surgery to remove the Pillcam can also include removal of the stricture.Read More »How Long for Pillcam to Pass?

Passing Mucus when Pooping – Solved

I’ve been debating for a while about this post and finally decided I should share.  I mean, this is an anonymous blog, right?  Well – who knows if it really is anonymous.  I wasn’t even sure how to title this post.  There are plenty of ways to describe it – rectal discharge, mucus, watery diarrhea… When it first happened, it just seemed like some slimy thick clear “stuff” that came… Read More »Passing Mucus when Pooping – Solved

Viral gastroenteritis sucks

It all started with little F’er 2.2 having some diarrhea. No biggie – it happens, or so they say.  Of course, it quickly turned into painful diaper rash on top of diarrhea.  Still nothing I haven’t been through before. But then little F’er 2.1 started to act crabby and seemed a little warm.  Then the diarrhea came from 2.1 as well.  And then the painful diaper rash.  And then more… Read More »Viral gastroenteritis sucks