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Garage Doors

Garage door remote not working after changed bulb – fixed

Short answer – LED light bulbs frequently interfere with the garage door remotes. Changing to a standard light bulb will fix the problem. Long version:  So after having some service done on my garage (again – I’ll eventually write a post on what happened and what fixed it) our light bulb stopped working. Yes, I tried a new bulb and it still didn’t work. I’ll have to write another post… Read More »Garage door remote not working after changed bulb – fixed

Garage Door Spring Repair

We had a power outage and so I had to pull that red handle to release the garage door from the opener. I’ve done it once before without any problems. This time, though, I was able to get the door open just fine, but the door would not stay up. I had to have someone hold it while I backed out the car. Then, when I went to lower it, it only would lower half-way… Read More »Garage Door Spring Repair