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Why I Selected Anne and Joan J Raspberries to Plant

While my Home Depot bare root raspberry cane was failing to grow, I was busy doing research on planting my own raspberries.  I came across a great article comparing the productivity and the taste of primocane raspberries.  If you don’t already know, there are two main types of raspberry plants – primocane (or everbearing) and floricane (summer bearing).  Basically, the raspberry canes have a two year life cycle. Raspberry plants… Read More »Why I Selected Anne and Joan J Raspberries to Plant

Heritage Bare Root Cane

Raspberry Bare Root Canes – Failed Van Zyverden Heritage

Original Post: 6/4/16 Update 4/15/17 Note from 4/15/17: To be fair to Home Depot, I was at Home Depot last week and noticed a large supply of bare root raspberry canes that had plenty of healthy green leaves on them.  I’m not sure if they are provided by the same company (Van Zyverden), but the display looks pretty much the same as last year.  I clearly must have gotten one… Read More »Raspberry Bare Root Canes – Failed Van Zyverden Heritage

Raspberry plant in pot

Raspberry Shortcake Plant Review

Original Entry – May 22, 2016 Update #1 – July 23, 2017 (Minor Update #2 – May 1, 2018 – Plant survived a second outdoor winter – growing leaves on the floricanes and growing new primocanes too!) (Minor Update #3 – March 25, 2019 – had to replace some broken links) (Please note that Brazelberries – the company that distributed the Raspberry Shortcake plant through 2016 – was bought out… Read More »Raspberry Shortcake Plant Review

Bradford Pear Tree

Storm damage to pear tree – how to repair

We had a bad storm here recently, and one of our trees lost a giant branch.  I’m no arborist, but Google is my friend.  I knew it was a pear tree, and after doing some reading, I’m fairly certain that the damaged tree is a Bradford Pear tree.  If you do a Google search, you’ll see all sorts of information about them, most of which is negative. The reason Bradford… Read More »Storm damage to pear tree – how to repair

Lawnmower starts fine even with old gas

I realized it was finally time to break out the lawnmower.  As I was unloading it, I realized that I didn’t run out the gas last fall.  I started to worry that I may have mucked up the engine.  I did a little research (as I tend to do) and there are a few potential problems with leaving the gas in over the winter.  The most common comments online were… Read More »Lawnmower starts fine even with old gas