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Annual traffic trends

I haven’t posted much lately.  Just been busy with plenty of other things.  I figured I should post something since I set a new record today for traffic.  I hadn’t had this much traffic in almost a year.  My high traffic time last year was mostly after my post about weird results in google trends.  I was also posting more regularly back then which definitely helped. I started to have… Read More »Annual traffic trends

What is it about matzo that makes us constipated?

Having just finished another year of Passover, I’m reminded of why Moses asked the Pharoah to “Let my people go”.  In the past, the saying had to do with being released from slavery, but in modern times the saying has more to do with the gastrointestinal consequences of the ritual intake of foods without leavening. Passover is the 8 day holiday in the Spring where Jews around the world celebrate… Read More »What is it about matzo that makes us constipated?