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Keter Bellevue Shed

My experience building a simple shed – with photos

As I’ve stated in my previous posts about selecting a shed and building a shed foundation, I wound up buying the Keter Bellevue shed at Costco.  I figured I would post some of my pictures during various phases of assembly along with my comments from what I recall during the assembly process. First off, I did the entire assembly myself, aside from having Mrs. F help with the window.  I’m… Read More »My experience building a simple shed – with photos

My shed foundation with photos

In my previous post, I explained how I went about selecting the Keter Bellevue shed from Costco.  I plan on having this post plus one more in this category.  This post will be about how I built the foundation for the shed.  I was actually dreading the construction of the foundation far more than I was concerned about building the shed.  I’d read over and over and over again that… Read More »My shed foundation with photos

Deciding the right choice for outdoor storage

We moved into our new house last summer and quickly realized that our garage was on the small side.  It does fit 2 cars, but barely so.  With all of the bicycles, the garbage cans, the lawnmower, and the snowblower, there just wasn’t room in the garage for everything. Last year I did put up hooks on the walls of the garage for some of the bicycles and I briefly… Read More »Deciding the right choice for outdoor storage