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Unable to get activesync working on my TP2

After around 7:30am today I stopped getting emails on my touch pro 2.  I’ve had this happen before and usually I just get a message in Activesync saying that some settings were updated on the server and I need to OK for it to resynch and I may loses changes since the last time I synched (sunk?) my phone.  This time I had no such luck. I went into activesync… Read More »Unable to get activesync working on my TP2

ATT Customer Support Experience

It was really weird.  One day everything is working totally fine on my phone and then the next day whenever we made outgoing calls, the caller ID on the receiving person’s phone would show as a private caller.  While most people would find this as just a minor nuisance, this was a bigger problem for Mrs. F as she works from home and when she makes business calls, people need… Read More »ATT Customer Support Experience

Removing malware experience

Mrs. F downloaded a virus while looking up information on baby crib safety – imagine that of all topics to use to add malware to a website.  If their assumption is that people researching baby cribs are not as tech saavy, I suppose they are correct in this case as Mrs. F started to yell for my help.  At least she is smart enough to recognize the pop-up saying that… Read More »Removing malware experience

Getting my S-video output working

I am a fan of Netflix and have always thought the instant download option is very cool.  It works great when I’m watching a movie by myself (for which I rarely have time).  The instant download doesn’t work well when wanting to watch a movie with other people.  It’s just not the same looking at either a laptop screen or computer monitor instead of a television. I figured there must be… Read More »Getting my S-video output working

Phones out

So, my AT&T Uverse phone service just went out.  It’s been on the fritz all day, initially incoming calls still worked, but not outgoing.  I’d have no dial town for a few seconds, then get a dial tone.  I’d then make a call only to get a fast busy signal.  Now, I get incoming calls for about 5 seconds before getting disconnected.  Not good. So, I call customer support which… Read More »Phones out

Search trends offer many insights

Maybe I’m just procrastinating, but I think I may have stumbled across something pretty cool.  I was browsing the blogs this morning and came across a very interesting article on the Mothershandbook blog and noticed that the author does a weekly column on the history of motherhood.  The post inspired me to try to think of something similar I can write about on a weekly basis.  The question was what… Read More »Search trends offer many insights

Lots of lags when typing blog posts with new Ubuntu upgrade

I’ve gotten my laptop upgraded to ubuntu 10.04 and it doesn’t seem that much different for what I’ve used it for thus far. I did the upgrade at home where I had broadband to download the files and it seemed to take several hours to go through the update on my crappy old laptop (I think it is an original mobile celeron 2.8ghz processor for those that care). Anyway, I… Read More »Lots of lags when typing blog posts with new Ubuntu upgrade

Are newer OS’s usually better?

I now have my old laptop up and running at the office, using my Touch Pro 2 as a tether to the internet.  I updated Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 at home as the file size was like 400megabytes to download, which I didn’t really want to do through my cellular phone connection.  Now that I’ve got it going, I get a notice that Ubuntu 10.04 is now available.  Glancing at… Read More »Are newer OS’s usually better?