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TP2 Case Cracked

Getting a case for your high tech phone is an important decision.  Well, not really, but how else do you want me to start a post on this topic?  So, when I got my Touch Pro 2 last December, I went with the case that people suggested was the best – the Seidio Innocase.  The case fit perfectly and has worked great.  Until today.

I’m using my phone as I always do, and as I slide out the keyboard, the case cracks, right by the HTC logo on the phone.  Hmm.  I do a quick google search and see that other people have had similar problems.  Some reported problems dealing with customer service, but others said they had no problem if you just fill out the RMA request on their website.

I went ahead and filled out the form (had to find a special form since I bought it through an authorized seller via eBay) and we’ll see what happens.  Hopefully they have as good of customer service as I’m expecting.  In the meantime, I’ll need to figure out whether to try to tape the case on where it’s cracked, or just do without the top part.  At least with the back piece intact, I shouldn’t have any issues with it slipping out of my hand.

5 thoughts on “TP2 Case Cracked”

  1. After filling out the online form, I got an email giving me an RMA number and telling me to mail in the broken piece. It said the RMA number is good for 7 days. I didn’t mail in the piece for 3 days, so hopefully it is based on when the letter is post-marked and not when they receive it.

    I’ve been going without the front face piece and it’s been okay to use, although I did get a bit nervous when I dropped the phone the other day (unrelated to the case being missing).

  2. I received an email saying they have mailed out a replacement front half of the case. I have to say this is very good customer service!

  3. need a new back case for my phone, it is the piece that hooks to your belt , the hard plastic piece that hooks to belt broke off today at the spring.

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