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Hulu Free Trial – One Year and One Month Trials – Deceptive!

I spent way too much time today dealing with customer support issues from a variety of companies – Hulu, Citibank, and AT&T.  I’m writing this particular article about my experience with Hulu, as I have some mixed feelings. Like many people, I’ve been in the process of transitioning from regular TV to streaming TV along with a variety of services.  About two months ago, I signed up for a Hulu… Read More »Hulu Free Trial – One Year and One Month Trials – Deceptive!

Flu shot not covered at urgent care location

I’m irritated.  More than even my usual self.  I have always gone to my local outpatient immediate care center for flu shots and my insurance has always covered them.  Every year.  This year my insurance carrier decided to deny the claim, saying that preventative services provided at an urgent care location are not covered.  They said to review my benefits book for details. I look through my benefits book and… Read More »Flu shot not covered at urgent care location

Sprint Galaxy S5 won’t charge after port got wet – fixed

I’ve had a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 since around when it came out over a year ago.  I didn’t bother with the warranty plan that would replace my phone for any reason.  I’d never taken advantage of the plan when I did have it with previous phones, so figured it wasn’t worth the extra cost. Now the Galaxy S5 is a waterproof phone.  Unfortunately, there is a little rubber tab… Read More »Sprint Galaxy S5 won’t charge after port got wet – fixed

How to Disable Amazon Prime Auto-Renewal

<Update 10/18/17> Per recent comments, it appears Amazon has changed their process and now you can no longer cancel your auto-renew in advance!  Instead you can choose to be reminded three days prior to the auto-renew date.  This is BS.  I think there may still be a way to cancel if you are doing the prime trial – you can just click on “Do Not Continue” and it should still… Read More »How to Disable Amazon Prime Auto-Renewal

Lamborcuzzi – patent pending

I’m watching How I Met your Mother, as the misses likes to watch it and I find it is a good show for me to browse the internet to, and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) mentions how he always wanted a Lamborghini with a Jacuzzi in it.  And then a few moments later he refers to it as a Lamborcuzzi and he mentions “patent pending”.  I’ve noticed that in the past… Read More »Lamborcuzzi – patent pending

Autocomplete that people just have to click

I had another new traffic record yesterday.  92% of the traffic was related to people searching on the topic of the google trend weirdness post I wrote. I’m really curious how much of this traffic is from bots trying to alter the Google autosuggestion feature, how much is from people wanting to know why this happens, and how much is from people hoping to find out disgusting stories. At least… Read More »Autocomplete that people just have to click

People just love the unusual suggested searches

So it turns out December was my best month yet on this site trafficwise (which isn’t saying much). I have made minimal to no effort to assist this website in getting decent rankings in search engines, aside from doing the usual set-up within WordPress. During the summer months, I did get a lot of traffic from my pages on the Keter Bellevue Shed.  I would have hoped that was the case, as… Read More »People just love the unusual suggested searches

Dog eats human – food

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the story about the drunk man whose dog ate his infected toe?  “Experts” believe the dog was attracted to the man’s toe because of high sugar levels in the man’s toe.  The guy suspected something might be wrong with his foot for a few months but had only recently made an appointment. And the man’s wife is a nurse?  This is another one of… Read More »Dog eats human – food

Flying maggots

Article about maggots brought on an airplane  I’m curious what the passenger was thinking who brough maggot filled meat onto a flight and went to put it in the overhead bin. I’m thinking this may be one of my potential clients. Next time someone says they are afraid of flying, I’ll need to ask if that is from fear of crashing or because of infestations.