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Lamborcuzzi – patent pending

I’m watching How I Met your Mother, as the misses likes to watch it and I find it is a good show for me to browse the internet to, and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) mentions how he always wanted a Lamborghini with a Jacuzzi in it.  And then a few moments later he refers to it as a Lamborcuzzi and he mentions “patent pending”.  I’ve noticed that in the past on the show, they will mention made up websites which the network actually registers and puts show related content.  I was just curious if they had done anything with the term lamborcuzzi.  First I do a search for the horribly mispelled “lamborcusi” and for one of the very few times in my life, Google gave the “your search did not match any documents”.  Wow – not a single mention?  I then realized I must have mispelled it.  After coming up with the correct spelling – lamborcuzzi – I found a mere one match.  Unfortunately, HIMYM did not apply for a patent on such an incredible (and expensive) idea.

And yes – the show is perfect for not only browsing the web pursuing silly topics, but also perfect for typing up silly blog posts.

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