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People just love the unusual suggested searches

So it turns out December was my best month yet on this site trafficwise (which isn’t saying much). I have made minimal to no effort to assist this website in getting decent rankings in search engines, aside from doing the usual set-up within WordPress.

During the summer months, I did get a lot of traffic from my pages on the Keter Bellevue Shed.  I would have hoped that was the case, as I thought that was some good information.

The most recent traffic, however, has come from my “Why Does My Mom Turn Me On” page.  I admit that at least the traffic coming to my site is for people who want to know why that particular search comes up in Google Trends at times.  That particularly page maybe makes the first page of the search results once in a while, but I don’t think it’s ever been above #10.  Usually it isn’t even on the first page of results.

So, if the traffic coming to my site is for people wondering why people have searched so much on the topic, that’s not so bad.  At least they aren’t coming here expecting to find some messed up fantasy talk.  I’m sure those pages are out there.

Over the past month, I have come across possible reasons why these phrases are showing up near the top of Google Trends at times.  It seems likely that it is some people just having fun with Google Trends to see if they can get various phrases to show up at the top.  In the past, there have been plenty of other disturbing phrases show up.  I don’t feel any need to go into more detail about it.  I’ll just let the people doing it have their fun.  The freedom of the internet is a great thing – I just hope people don’t abuse the privilege or eventually it won’t be quite so free.

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