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More visitors to my site

I noticed that I had a relatively large increase in traffic yesterday – with a few different searches actually finding their way to this website.  As this site gets very little traffic in general, a relatively large increase is still only a little traffic.  I’m curious if the traffic was increased just by the fact that I had posted more frequently?  Could that possibly lead to an increase in rankings for all search terms on the website?  The topics of the recent posts were quite different from the posts that were getting traffic.

Also – my post about Wordpres Blogs speediness of indexing is now on the second page of search results when searching for the title.

2 thoughts on “More visitors to my site”

  1. That would involve some real work – which I tend to avoid it seems. While I’m definitely a math person, I never took any statistics classes. I’ve never used SPSS, but I have run basic statistics in Excel spreadsheets. I don’t believe I have enough date to run a meaningful coorelation. The question I was wondering about was posting frequency relative to website traffic. I’d probably have to calculate some form of a running average of posting frequency and correlate that to website traffic. I was more or less commenting that I found it interesting that there was an increase in traffic following an unrelated post – most likely unrelated events is my guess.

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