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Forum posts slower to get indexed than blogs

While this website continues to get relatively little traffic, I do follow the search trends pretty closely.  After the initial good results during the Mayday update, it appears Google has fine tuned the results to again include pagerank as a bigger factor.  Lack of links to this website is the main reason I think some of the posts are getting much less traffic than similar posts on another one of my websites.  The other website is using a common SEO software that is modified for good search engine indexing and removing duplicate content issues, etc.  I noticed that a post on my other website sometimes takes a few days to get indexed – sometimes even longer.

Once indexed, though, the new posts generally will rank better than similar posts on this blog.  I of course expect that given the forum has quite a few decent backlinks.

This creates an interesting problem for me, though.  When I want to write an article – do I post it here or on the forum?  In the long run, it’s probably better for me to just continue posting on the forum – where many pages rank well in moderately competitive areas.  I like posting in WordPress much more than on the forum though, and I greatly enjoy the ease of updating wordpress compared to the forum software.

I’m curious why it is taking so much longer for the forum posts to appear, as I’d think that getting timely indexing of a forum is just as important as from a Blog.

3 thoughts on “Forum posts slower to get indexed than blogs”

  1. Googlebot viewed this page about 14 minutes after I posted it. And now – approximately 25 minutes after I posted it, I already see it is indexed. It may have been indexed sooner, but I didn’t check until now. Of course I won’t get any traffic as it’s the first result on the 7th page for the post’s title. Meanwhile, a post made on my forum website four days ago still isn’t indexed. Both sites have sitemaps set up, so it’s just a way that Google has decided to index certain formats of sites.

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