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Blog posts getting indexed quickly, forum posts not so much

As I mentioned in my previous post on the speed with which WordPress blog posts get indexed, I also have an older much more established site using a popular forum software.  That forum software is nicely optimized for easy indexing and I have sitemaps set-up, etc.  Nonetheless, the posts on that forum don’t get indexed immediately like the WordPress posts do.  I made a simple post during the last week and I noticed that it has taken 5 days to actual get indexed.  Compared to under 20 minutes for a post on this WordPress blog which has no real inbound links (although there may be some by now – but I doubt they are of much significance).

I’m guessing this may be part of Caffeine, but it also could have been present before Caffeine infrastructure took over.  The concept is logical – that blogs are probably one of the most likely places to have breaking news or views.  I would think discussion forums could as well, but perhaps my website is categorized as one likely to have breaking news.

One additional interesting item is that some topics from the forum website have gotten moved to the supplemental index – only showing up when searching for the article title in quotes.  Other topics rank extremely well in moderately competitive areas.  The supplemental topics are perhaps not as frequently discussed on the website so maybe it has something to do with the categorization of the theme of the website.  Not sure – just some thoughts.  Feel free to comment – but I’m doubtful anyone will find this post as I’ve had several topics here with zero visitors.

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