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Bizarre interests in Google search

So I’m looking through the Google trends just now, and while I’ve seen some weird searches before, I have to say this one got my attention – perhaps because of my pseudonym.  I can’t figure out why the search phrase “why does my mom turn me on” is number 6 on the google trends right now. 

It’s a pretty bizarre topic so I figured maybe there was some kind of funny news story about the search phrase or maybe the topic was raised in a movie.  Looking at Google news, though, I don’t see anything on the topic that seems relevant.  And searching Google itself actually gave a few creepy answers but nothing to explain the sudden surge in popularity.  Perhaps after a little while the reason for the surge will percolate up to the surface of the search engines.  At this time, though, the only reason why this search seems potentially popular (as I can’t imagine too many people actually searching for this otherwise) is that if you type into the Google search box, “Why does” the auto-suggest feature gives several options.  At the present time, #4 is “Why does my mom turn me on”.  There are several other unusual odd searches in there – such as the “Why does my belly button smell” and “why does poop float”.

So, if anyone has an idea why this topic has had such a sudden surge in popularity, please let me know.  I’m much less interested in the search query itself.

4 thoughts on “Bizarre interests in Google search”

  1. It’s probably up there because of people doing what I just did. I was searching “why does pepto turn your tongue black” I typed as far as “why does” and the second thing to pop up was “why does my mom turn me on” of course I thought it was gross and clicked on it.

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