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Bizarre interests in Google search

So I’m looking through the Google trends just now, and while I’ve seen some weird searches before, I have to say this one got my attention – perhaps because of my pseudonym.  I can’t figure out why the search phrase “why does my mom turn me on” is number 6 on the google trends right now.  It’s a pretty bizarre topic so I figured maybe there was some kind of… Read More »Bizarre interests in Google search

Noise makers driving people to violence It was only a matter of time before those annoying horns lead to violence. It reminds me of the Waco standoff and the police started playing different sounds through loudspeakers to try to upset the cult followers. I believe some of the sounds were like babies crying or animals moaning. There is some instinctual urge to want to do anything to make certain noises stop. And now we know… Read More »Noise makers driving people to violence

Unusual checked baggage

USA today article about human heads   As best I can understand is that Southwest Airlines discovered a package of 40-60 human heads trying to be sent on one of their flights. Because the package wasn’t properly labeled they discovered the contents and there is now an investigation into whether these were black market body parts being sold for science. Medtronics is a pretty big company and I can’t imagine… Read More »Unusual checked baggage

Not the greatest trio ever

Link to news story about Hansen   I was recently wondering what happened to the fabulous musical trio (not to be confused with the less well respected Police band). And no – Sting was not called to intervene in this particular case. I’m thinking the police should have intervened not because of the unruly crowd, but instead the crimes against humanity brought about by exposing people to Mmmbop again.

Those airport scanners are nothing but trouble

There’s been plenty of articles today about the Florida airport security officer who was arrested for beating a co-worker who sexually harassed him.  There are a few things that are interesting and disturbing about the whole story. First of all, I’m not sure what to think now of these scanners as obviously they do show a fairly detailed outline of personal areas.  There was someone who ogled a woman co-worker… Read More »Those airport scanners are nothing but trouble

Another reason to hate insurance companies

I had never had an MRI before, but I have seen them being done.  Spending an hour in a loud banging dark tube wasn’t something I was particularly excited about.  Nonetheless, I figured it was worth doing. I get the MRI and aside from some incidental findings of unknown significance (don’t you just love those?) it was normal.  Thankfully.  Before I got the test done, I called my insurance company… Read More »Another reason to hate insurance companies

Bathroom Sign – Occupied or Vacant?

Why can’t people understand that when there is a large sign hanging on the outside of the bathroom door that says Vacant on one side and Occupied on the other that you should USE the sign. When you go inside, it is very simple to flip the sign and then when you leave you flip it back. We have a staff bathroom behind the unit near our offices and it… Read More »Bathroom Sign – Occupied or Vacant?