Those airport scanners are nothing but trouble

There’s been plenty of articles today about the Florida airport security officer who was arrested for beating a co-worker who sexually harassed him.  There are a few things that are interesting and disturbing about the whole story.

First of all, I’m not sure what to think now of these scanners as obviously they do show a fairly detailed outline of personal areas.  There was someone who ogled a woman co-worker who walked through the scanner and now there were many co-workers making fun of this guy’s apparently small genitals.  I can now see why some people may not want to walk through these scanners, especially if they tend to be very modest.  I know I wouldn’t want the female security workers ogling over my private parts.

Second, I’m concerned that this type of harassment was going on in the workplace – both allowing someone to continue to mock him and the extent this guy responded.

I also find it interesting that the guy chose to use a baton to beat the victim.

Sexual harassment and workplace violence are both issues for which I have no tolerance; however, it is hard to not to be at least slightly entertained by the ridiculous story of a man becoming internationally famous for having small genitals and a big temper.  I really would like to read the police report to see the real wording of the complaints.

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