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Are newer OS’s usually better?

I now have my old laptop up and running at the office, using my Touch Pro 2 as a tether to the internet.  I updated Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 at home as the file size was like 400megabytes to download, which I didn’t really want to do through my cellular phone connection.  Now that I’ve got it going, I get a notice that Ubuntu 10.04 is now available.  Glancing at the website, it looks like the main new feature is the social integration stuff.  I’m thinking I don’t really need that for my purposes, but I do like to keep with the current version.  My main concern is how quick the OS will be on this old laptop.  I notice even using the WordPress editor is a bit slow on this laptop.  I’ll take the laptop back home to do the update, but I’m thinking more and more I should just get a cheap netbook to keep at work – or at least to bring back and forth.  I think the netbook Atom processors must be faster than this old laptop.

We’ll see how the upgrade goes this weekend.

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