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You really do need a good way to move that pointer

so I decided to try mobile blogging again and brought a personal laptop into work which I can tether to my cell phone for internet access (our work computers don’t allow personal internet access).

I had an old laptop laying around that I figured would be good for this purpose. After booting up Ubuntu (I had problems with windows running too slowly and I also was reminded this laptop has a flakey touchpad that often doesn’t work – I had hoped it was a driver problem with windows but turns out it’s actually the touchpad). I was able to connect to my cell phone tether (after spending a few minutes trying various passwords until finding the one that works) and I start to update my version of Ubuntu. Looks like I last used the laptop 335 days ago. As it starts to download updates the computer freezes. Ironically, the frozen computer was very hot. I realized that the fan never turned on. After a few minutes I was able to restart and by blowing on the fan it started to move. I’m doubtful the fan is too effective but the computer didn’t freeze again.

This time when the computer restarted the mouse wasn’t working thanks to my faulty touchpad. I didn’t bring my wireless mouse.

As I’m a computer geek, I tried navigating around with the keyboard and realized that is just too painful for regular use. I’m better off getting a cheap mouse to use or bring in my wireless mouse from home. Or just scrap the idea of a real keyboard and just blog from my phone as I’m doing right now. This isn’t horrible but I don’t see a way to select a category for the entry on the mobile wordpress interface. I can always change that.

It’s looking like I’m just not meant to blog from work. Which is probably a good thing as I do actually have some work to do. But as a dedicated procrastinator, I’m sure I’ll keep trying.

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