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Trying new ways to blog

<deleted image after viewing on my laptop and seeing the image was ginormous and didn’t fit on the screen – but did get uploaded – and going to edit the rest of the post to better include my thoughts now that I’m on a laptop>

Testing if I can upload a photo from my phone using Tblogger. It appears it should work, but it was very slow to load up to add a post. I’m thinking it was slow because it scans the unit for media to upload. Interestingly, it doesn’t find the media on my storage card which is where I save pictures by default. That’ll be a pain unless I save pics to the device memory by default.

After trying the few other apps out there for mobile blogging on windows mobile, it appears to me tblogger is the only one that lets me add media.

After trying the few available browsers, it does appear mobile internet explorer may also allow me to upload images to wordpress, but I had the same issue with it not finding my images on the storage card.

I’ll keep trying, even though I am guessing I will only have an image from my phone to upload maybe twice a year. It’s just one of those things I’d like to figure out now and I do tend to perseverate at times. My other idea is to use a spare laptop to upload images. Not the best mobile solution either.

Comments after getting to a real computer:

The image that got uploaded was a full size image that didn’t properly format on the site.  I’m sure I could tinker around with it and get it to work.  I could also try uploading it from mobile internet explorer, but I’m beginning to realize that given my limited need for uploading photos combined with the cumbersome nature of doing so means I’m spending too much time trying to solve a problem that I don’t need to deal with.  It does seem that my windows mobile phone camera has a button for uploading to Facebook, and it would be nice to just be able to upload directly to my blog with a little caption when I want; however, I’m not doing that kind of blogging.  I don’t expect to add photos too often.  There is just one post/article that I am planning on doing soon and I have some photos on my phone.  I have concluded it’ll be much easier for me to just transfer the photos to my desktop and then type a post which will be formatted much more nicely.

The main reason I want to mobile blog is if I get an idea while I’m away from home it’d be nice to just enter the information right at that time.  The keyboard (while one of the best on a mobile phone) on my Touch Pro 2 just isn’t great for typing long posts.  For short posts without media, perhaps I’ll still use my phone, but I’m thinking that the majority of my blogging from now on will be from a desktop.

As my phone does have the ability to “tether” to a laptop, where I can use my phone as a cellular modem, I’m thinking that maybe I’ll just bring an old laptop to work for those moments when I want to do a quick blog entry.  I’m guessing I won’t have a whole lot more entries in this category about mobile blogging, but I probably will have more entries about my Touch Pro 2.  I’ve been messing around a bit with the operating system, although there really isn’t a whole lot to say that can’t be found at a site like

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  1. It looks like the image didn’t make it. I’m going to have to try mobile internet explorer next. I think I will stick with the mobile interface from the mobile plugin using Opera for most mobile posts though. And I need to figure out how to move images from the memory card to the unit’s memory. That shouldn’t be too hard though.

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