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Using my microsoft phone to run Android?


I’ve been playing around with running Android on my Touch Pro 2 and while I usually stick with a modified Rom in Windows Mobile, I decided I would see if there is a good blogging app for android.  It turns out there is a wordpress app which is what I’m using now.

Unfortunately, Android is far from a finished product for the Touch Pro 2. I’m amazed that people were able to get it running as well as it does, but the camera still isn’t functional. While I’d rarely use the camera, it is one feature I may want to combine with mobile blogging such as my posts on the Keter shed and the Easyclosets review.  Linking to those pages would still be much easier on a real computer and I will probably add real links at a later time.

It does seem uploading media is far easier than what I encountered in windows mobile, even using Diarist, which seemed to be the best windows mobile app for blogging for my needs.  It looks like I can easily take a picture in windows mobile, then switch to android for blogging and uploading which may still be my best blogging option.

One reason I haven’t blogged lately from my Touch Pro 2 is because when I updated a modified Rom, I had to reconfigure Diarist, and I didn’t feel like looking up the special URL address for my blog. It isn’t hard, but I figured I’d instead give this android app a shot.

So far, I’m liking what I see.

At some point I’ll go into more depth on my thoughts on using Android.  I realize this is a somewhat crippled version, so any criticisms are not entirely fair.

At this point, though, I do mainly stick with windows mobile and only occasionally pop in to check out Android.

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