Sprint Galaxy S5 won’t charge after port got wet – fixed

I’ve had a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 since around when it came out over a year ago.  I didn’t bother with the warranty plan that would replace my phone for any reason.  I’d never taken advantage of the plan when I did have it with previous phones, so figured it wasn’t worth the extra cost.

Now the Galaxy S5 is a waterproof phone.  Unfortunately, there is a little rubber tab that covers the USB charging port on the bottom of the phone that protects that port, but the tab read more

Zagg Universal Keyboard – how I fixed my repeating letters

Zaggkeys Universal KeyboardI bought a Zagg Universal Keyboard to work with my Samsung Galaxy s5 phone.   I figured I could maybe do some better writing if I had a real keyboard to use.   I’ve never been a huge fan of onscreen keyboards,  but there just isn’t a good phone out these days with a physical keyboard.   I’ve managed to tolerate the onscreen keyboard with the thanks of SwiftKey,  the only paid app I’ve gotten so far.   Anyway,  this topic is about the Zagg keyboard.

I started read more

Getting my phone to set alarms using just voice commands

After listening to Howard Stern this morning talk about how he loves using Siri on his iPhone to set alarms, I figured I would see if android could do the same.

On my XPRT running Froyo 2.2 I gave it a try.  It recognized my voice just fine but the screen gave an error message saying “set alarm…” in order to use this command you need to download the updated clock app”.  It then gives you a choice to “go to website”.  If you choose that, it takes you to a read more

Unable to view my apps in Google Play

While I’m trying to identify the culprit causing spam ads in my notification bar, I now have a new problem.  Since I couldn’t easily identify the app causing the trouble, I started with uninstalling an app for Chess.com.  Now, whenever I go into the android marketplace and click on “My Apps” I get an option for “Force Close” or “Send Report” with the message:

Sorry! The application Market (process com.android.vending) has stopped unexpectedly.  read more

I hate android notifications that I didn’t ask for

I’m pissed. Not sure why an ad showed yup in my notification bar asking “see if someone is spying on you” or something like that.

I noticed the link was for an affiliate marketing company called Deadbolt.  I haven’t found an easy way to see which app is using them.

There is another company called airpush and there is an app to detect airpush in your apps.  I didn’t have any airpush apps at least.

Once I find out who used this sleezy form of advertising in their app, read more