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Getting my phone to set alarms using just voice commands

After listening to Howard Stern this morning talk about how he loves using Siri on his iPhone to set alarms, I figured I would see if android could do the same.

On my XPRT running Froyo 2.2 I gave it a try.  It recognized my voice just fine but the screen gave an error message saying “set alarm…” in order to use this command you need to download the updated clock app”.  It then gives you a choice to “go to website”.  If you choose that, it takes you to a missing page on Google.

I think part of the problem could be with Motorola’s MOTOBLUR on my phone, it doesn’t use the native clock app.  I also didn’t see a way to update the alarm and timer app on my phone to see if that would fix things.

Searching around seems to show a lot of frustrated people without a solution.

I finally found a way to get this to work from this site (link removed 9/6/16 as no longer active).

I downloaded the updated desktop clock app from that site, and it installed an app called “clock” on my phone.  Now when I use the voice command to “set alarm for x time”, it correctly opens this app and asks to confirm the alarm time.

Pretty cool.  It actually makes me wish that my appointments would use this alarm to remind me of meetings instead of whatever the calendar app currently uses.  I’ll have to see if the calendar app has more options as I’d like to have a loud alarm for some appointments even if my phone volume is turned pretty low.

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