Typing this with my voice

I just got a new phone – the Motorola XPRT.  I finally had to get rid of my HTC Touch Pro 2 because the internal earpiece speaker stopped working.  I hadn’t considered switching for a long time because of the great SERO plan that I had, however I decided it was finally time to let go of the SERO plan and upgrade to the SERO premium plan.

I haven’t done a blog entry for a long time because of how busy I’ve been. I decided that maybe I would try now that I have android working on a new phone and there is a nice WordPress app. I also realized while testing out the voice recognition software for text messaging that maybe this would be an easier way to do data entry for a mobile blog entry.

For this blog entry I first dictated using the voice recognition. Next I went and had to edit the text using the keyboard on the Motorola XPRT. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do these types of dictations and turning it into a blog entry.

So far it is working okay. I still need to see if there is a better way to do capital letters rather than going back and editing.

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