WordPress Jetpack Mobile Googlebot seeing desktop version instead of mobile

I’m doing what I can to get all of my sites ready for the big Google mobile update scheduled for 4/21/15.  I got the notice in the Google Webmaster Tools for the site hosted through GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress that it was not mobile friendly.  I was surprised since I am using the Jetpack Mobile theme, and I have spent a lot of time customizing the appearance to optimize the ad placements.  It has been working well, and GoDaddy appears to read more

Maybe I was an Exact Match Domain algorithm false positive?

I was still struggling with figuring out why all of my sites lost traffic on September 28, 2012.  My sites aren’t exact match domains, and the content had never been affected by Panda (as far as I could tell).  It is possible that with Panda 20 some factor that was helping me before got taken out, or something new that is now hurting me was added.

I kept reading on Webmasterworld some reports of people recovering from the Exact read more

Is there a way to get a pseudonym approved in advance on Google plus?

One reason I haven’t been active on Google plus is because of their pseudonym policy.  Originally, they strictly banned pseudonyms, but now it seems they do allow pseudonyms that have a “significant” following.  They haven’t defined what that means – and I’m guessing my identity at this point may not be “significant”.

I made some recent changes to this site, to try to figure out why the rankings have suffered since the Panda 20 / exact match domain read more

Google Panda still hurting me

I’ve seen a continued downward trend since last September’s Panda 20 update.  My sites that lost about 50% of their traffic overnight are now down to about 35% of their previous traffic.  It basically seems each week they lose a bit more traffic.  The pattern of traffic has also been very strange since hit by Panda 20.

Basically, my traffic is reasonable in the morning and evening, but then something happens during the normal business hours where the traffic just stays low, with read more

Exact match domain and Panda 20 – how do they work?

I’m still very perplexed by the update that happened on September 28, 2012.  It seems all of my websites were hit, no matter how they were designed, how they were formatted, what the topics were, or how good the quality of the material was.  My sites all seemed to take a 50% hit in traffic.  It has now been four months and I’ve seen no consistent evidence of any change, regardless of what I changed on my sites.

On one site, I tried removing all ads.  That site has had minimal change read more

My sites got slammed September 28, 2012

When I first started this blog, I posted some thoughts on the Mayday Update of 2010 and how the Google Caffeine architecture was maybe a part of their ability to do some interesting things.  A lot has changed with Google since that time, with much of the recent interest being on the Panda and Penguin updates.  I haven’t posted much of my thoughts on those updates as neither had affected me much, until now.

On September 28, all the websites I watch had a marked drop in organic search engine read more

Autocomplete that people just have to click

I had another new traffic record yesterday.  92% of the traffic was related to people searching on the topic of the google trend weirdness post I wrote.

I’m really curious how much of this traffic is from bots trying to alter the Google autosuggestion feature, how much is from people wanting to know why this happens, and how much is from people hoping to find out disgusting stories.

At least I have some hope the people coming here aren’t looking for stories, as the post title makes read more

Annual traffic trends

I haven’t posted much lately.  Just been busy with plenty of other things.  I figured I should post something since I set a new record today for traffic.  I hadn’t had this much traffic in almost a year.  My high traffic time last year was mostly after my post about weird results in google trends.  I was also posting more regularly back then which definitely helped.

I started to have a definite increase in traffic yesterday, mostly because of my post about passover read more

Windows Live Skydrive rivals Google Docs?

I’ve always been a big fan of Google, so I was really surprised today when I found some stuff where Microsoft seems to be doing a better job than Google.  Microsoft of course has the advantage of familiarity when it comes to programs like Word and Excel.  But I was surprised to see Microsoft has some great “Cloud” apps.

Google has been making a bold move towards cloud computing with the introduction of their Chrome OS read more

People just love the unusual suggested searches

So it turns out December was my best month yet on this site trafficwise (which isn’t saying much). I have made minimal to no effort to assist this website in getting decent rankings in search engines, aside from doing the usual set-up within WordPress.

During the summer months, I did get a lot of traffic from my pages on the Keter Bellevue Shed.  I would have hoped that was the case, as I thought that was some good information.

The most recent traffic, however, has come from my “Why read more