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Touch Pro 2 / Mobile Blogging

Unusual marketing techniques

Not sure why it struck me enough to want to blog about, but while listening to Kathy Griffin’s interview with Howard Stern today she used the phrase, “Bing it”. It’s the first time I heard someone use the phrase and it did actually sound pretty natural. Most people use Google and you often here people say “Google it” or “look it up on Google”.   I have heard in the… Read More »Unusual marketing techniques

Not the greatest trio ever

Link to news story about Hansen   I was recently wondering what happened to the fabulous musical trio (not to be confused with the less well respected Police band). And no – Sting was not called to intervene in this particular case. I’m thinking the police should have intervened not because of the unruly crowd, but instead the crimes against humanity brought about by exposing people to Mmmbop again.

Lots of lags when typing blog posts with new Ubuntu upgrade

I’ve gotten my laptop upgraded to ubuntu 10.04 and it doesn’t seem that much different for what I’ve used it for thus far. I did the upgrade at home where I had broadband to download the files and it seemed to take several hours to go through the update on my crappy old laptop (I think it is an original mobile celeron 2.8ghz processor for those that care). Anyway, I… Read More »Lots of lags when typing blog posts with new Ubuntu upgrade

Apple is one scary company

Not sure if you’ve seen that the California police raided a blog editor over posting pictures of a missing Apple iPhone prototype? While I understand some people think Gizmodo comitted a crime by purchasing a stolen iphone, I think the police search sounds much more ominous. Journalists have the right to protect their sources and it sounds like the police were after the source, using scare tactics of this search… Read More »Apple is one scary company

Trying out blogging from my phone

After being disappointed with the two other Windows Mobile apps I’ve tried (tblogger also called Travelling Blogger) and PocketsharpMT, I decided to keep trying different applications with the thought of eventually putting together a comprehensive review of my findings. Today I came across Diarist 2.1 and am giving it a try.   Unlike going through the wordpress admin interface mobile plug-in pack version, this program does have a nice way… Read More »Trying out blogging from my phone

You really do need a good way to move that pointer

so I decided to try mobile blogging again and brought a personal laptop into work which I can tether to my cell phone for internet access (our work computers don’t allow personal internet access). I had an old laptop laying around that I figured would be good for this purpose. After booting up Ubuntu (I had problems with windows running too slowly and I also was reminded this laptop has… Read More »You really do need a good way to move that pointer

Is it worth it to blog from my phone?

I’m still trying to find a way to do mobile blogging in a user friendly way. I can’t imagine someone doing real blogging from a cell phone, even if it is a smartphone like my Touch Pro 2. I’m doing this message from my phone, but I haven’t found a good way to do this. I did install a mobile plug-in pack for wordpress which does make the website automatically… Read More »Is it worth it to blog from my phone?