Are newer OS’s usually better?

I now have my old laptop up and running at the office, using my Touch Pro 2 as a tether to the internet.  I updated Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 at home as the file size was like 400megabytes to download, which I didn’t really want to do through my cellular phone connection.  Now that I’ve got it going, I get a notice that Ubuntu 10.04 is now available.  Glancing at… Read More »Are newer OS’s usually better?

My shed foundation with photos

In my previous post, I explained how I went about selecting the Keter Bellevue shed from Costco.  I plan on having this post plus one more in this category.  This post will be about how I built the foundation for the shed.  I was actually dreading the construction of the foundation far more than I was concerned about building the shed.  I’d read over and over and over again that… Read More »My shed foundation with photos

Apple is one scary company

Not sure if you’ve seen that the California police raided a blog editor over posting pictures of a missing Apple iPhone prototype? While I understand some people think Gizmodo comitted a crime by purchasing a stolen iphone, I think the police search sounds much more ominous. Journalists have the right to protect their sources and it sounds like the police were after the source, using scare tactics of this search… Read More »Apple is one scary company

Photo of Keter Bellevue Shed

Deciding the right choice for outdoor storage

We moved into our new house last summer and quickly realized that our garage was on the small side.  It does fit 2 cars, but barely so.  With all of the bicycles, the garbage cans, the lawnmower, and the snowblower, there just wasn’t room in the garage for everything. Last year I did put up hooks on the walls of the garage for some of the bicycles and I briefly… Read More »Deciding the right choice for outdoor storage

Trying out blogging from my phone

After being disappointed with the two other Windows Mobile apps I’ve tried (tblogger also called Travelling Blogger) and PocketsharpMT, I decided to keep trying different applications with the thought of eventually putting together a comprehensive review of my findings. Today I came across Diarist 2.1 and am giving it a try.   Unlike going through the wordpress admin interface mobile plug-in pack version, this program does have a nice way… Read More »Trying out blogging from my phone

You really do need a good way to move that pointer

so I decided to try mobile blogging again and brought a personal laptop into work which I can tether to my cell phone for internet access (our work computers don’t allow personal internet access). I had an old laptop laying around that I figured would be good for this purpose. After booting up Ubuntu (I had problems with windows running too slowly and I also was reminded this laptop has… Read More »You really do need a good way to move that pointer

Is it worth it to blog from my phone?

I’m still trying to find a way to do mobile blogging in a user friendly way. I can’t imagine someone doing real blogging from a cell phone, even if it is a smartphone like my Touch Pro 2. I’m doing this message from my phone, but I haven’t found a good way to do this. I did install a mobile plug-in pack for wordpress which does make the website automatically… Read More »Is it worth it to blog from my phone?

What is it about matzo that makes us constipated?

Having just finished another year of Passover, I’m reminded of why Moses asked the Pharoah to “Let my people go”.  In the past, the saying had to do with being released from slavery, but in modern times the saying has more to do with the gastrointestinal consequences of the ritual intake of foods without leavening. Passover is the 8 day holiday in the Spring where Jews around the world celebrate… Read More »What is it about matzo that makes us constipated?