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Raspberry Shortcake Plant Review

Original Entry – May 22, 2016 Update #1 – July 23, 2017 (Minor Update #2 – May 1, 2018 – Plant survived a second outdoor winter – growing leaves on the floricanes and growing new primocanes too!) (Minor Update #3 – March 25, 2019 – had to replace some broken links) (Minor Update #4 – August 13, 2022 – New photos – This plant is awesome!!!) (Please note that Brazelberries… Read More »Raspberry Shortcake Plant Review

Vaccines and Joint Pain

I am very much a pro-vaccination person but I sometimes think that in my situation, there are more risks than the typical person. The main reason I think I have additional risks is because I seem to have immune system issues.

Briefly, a list of issues I have that fall in the autoimmune disease category include simple things like seasonal allergies and allergic asthma (especially around cats and dogs). I also have chronic urticaria that started around age 22. Timing wise, I associate the chronic urticaria starting around the time I received the 3rd booster shot for the Hepatitis B vaccine. It is probably just a timing coincidence, but it is there nonetheless. And most recently, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.
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How Long for Pillcam to Pass?

You can read about my adventures in arriving at my diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, which was ultimately made with the use of the Pillcam sb3 camera pill.

Information from the company that makes the Pillcam cites studies showing around a 2% retention rate. They define retention as not passing within 2 weeks. I’ve read in various places that the retention rate in Crohn’s disease can be higher than 5%.  The downside of a retained Pillcam is that it got stuck and could lead to an obstruction and it very possibly will require surgery to remove.  The upside (if there is one) is that the Pillcam likely identified a stricture – a narrowing in the bowel that can most easily be conceptualized as a result of scarring inside the intestines.  Severe strictures often require surgery anyway, so the surgery to remove the Pillcam can also include removal of the stricture.Read More »How Long for Pillcam to Pass?

Passing Mucus when Pooping – Solved

I’ve been debating for a while about this post and finally decided I should share.  I mean, this is an anonymous blog, right?  Well – who knows if it really is anonymous.  I wasn’t even sure how to title this post.  There are plenty of ways to describe it – rectal discharge, mucus, watery diarrhea… When it first happened, it just seemed like some slimy thick clear “stuff” that came… Read More »Passing Mucus when Pooping – Solved

Sprint Galaxy S5 won’t charge after port got wet – fixed

I’ve had a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 since around when it came out over a year ago.  I didn’t bother with the warranty plan that would replace my phone for any reason.  I’d never taken advantage of the plan when I did have it with previous phones, so figured it wasn’t worth the extra cost. Now the Galaxy S5 is a waterproof phone.  Unfortunately, there is a little rubber tab… Read More »Sprint Galaxy S5 won’t charge after port got wet – fixed

Weber Genesis Grill Cookbox Cracked Near Hinge

I have to say that Weber is an amazing company.  When I bought our Weber Genesis E-310 grill a few years ago, we spent quite a bit more money than other no-name grills that had similar size.  I’m extremely happy that we went with the Weber, especially after dealing with their customer service. On Memorial Day, my wife is doing the grilling and she says that the lid (I learned it… Read More »Weber Genesis Grill Cookbox Cracked Near Hinge

WordPress Jetpack Mobile Googlebot seeing desktop version instead of mobile

I’m doing what I can to get all of my sites ready for the big Google mobile update scheduled for 4/21/15.  I got the notice in the Google Webmaster Tools for the site hosted through GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress that it was not mobile friendly.  I was surprised since I am using the Jetpack Mobile theme, and I have spent a lot of time customizing the appearance to optimize the ad… Read More »WordPress Jetpack Mobile Googlebot seeing desktop version instead of mobile

Garage Door Spring Repair

We had a power outage and so I had to pull that red handle to release the garage door from the opener. I’ve done it once before without any problems. This time, though, I was able to get the door open just fine, but the door would not stay up. I had to have someone hold it while I backed out the car. Then, when I went to lower it, it only would lower half-way… Read More »Garage Door Spring Repair

Battery for backup sump pump – testing and replacement

We had our sump pump system redone after basement flooding issues in 2009.  One of the upgrades was putting in a more powerful back-up sump pump.  Our plumber used one that is comparable to the Zoeller Aquanot II pedestal pump.  It will run off of the AC wall current when we have power, but runs off DC current from a large battery when the power is out. These types of… Read More »Battery for backup sump pump – testing and replacement

Hand Numbness – Causes and Evaluation

So numbness in the hands is one of the vaguest symptoms you can have, and it can have a multitude of causes from anxiety to paraneoplastic syndromes (a side effect of certain cancers).  I of course assumed it was cancer, as that seemed like the worst thing it could be.  Surprisingly, I didn’t think it was a brain tumor, but multiple sclerosis did cross my mind.  I figured this was another good… Read More »Hand Numbness – Causes and Evaluation