Zagg Universal Keyboard – how I fixed my repeating letters

Zaggkeys Universal KeyboardI bought a Zagg Universal Keyboard to work with my Samsung Galaxy s5 phone.   I figured I could maybe do some better writing if I had a real keyboard to use.   I’ve never been a huge fan of onscreen keyboards,  but there just isn’t a good phone out these days with a physical keyboard.   I’ve managed to tolerate the onscreen keyboard with the thanks of SwiftKey,  the only paid app I’ve gotten so far.   Anyway,  this topic is about the Zagg keyboard.

I started read more

Chromebook to play with

It’s a bit ironic that I was praising Microsoft’s cloud offerings just about a month ago, and then Google sends me a CR-48 netbook to pilot.  I suppose I am a good candidate to test out the CR-48 as I’m someone who is moving to “the cloud”.

I haven’t had much time to blog lately, mainly because I’m still behind at my day job.  Once I get caught up there (hopefully in the next month), I should have more time to blog again.  In read more

Working on posting here from Android

I figured I would also try posting from within the android browser to see. How that works.

The above is as far as I got in the browser and now I’m back to the android app to edit and add the rest. The browser was painfully slow. I’m not sure if it is trying to spellcheck as I went along or what, but it was worse than even using firefox on my old computer (which I blogged about before).

This app is reasonably responsive and seems to be working fine. I can’t edit the url from within read more

Using my microsoft phone to run Android?


I’ve been playing around with running Android on my Touch Pro 2 and while I usually stick with a modified Rom in Windows Mobile, I decided I would see if there is a good blogging app for android.  It turns out there is a wordpress app which is what I’m using now.

Unfortunately, Android is far from a finished product for the Touch Pro 2. I’m amazed that people were able to get it running as well as it does, but the camera still isn’t functional. While I’d rarely read more

Sprint 3G network not letting me access some major sites

I’m an internet junkee.  I admit it.  That’s the first step, right?  Anyway – today I’ve been missing my ability to access google from my cell phone.  It’s weird that I am still able to get my email through the exchange server, but I can’t access any google web pages, including gmail,, and their news.

I couldn’t find much information about this online.  I for sure wasn’t able to find anything from my cell phone as I don’t think read more

Unable to get activesync working on my TP2

After around 7:30am today I stopped getting emails on my touch pro 2.  I’ve had this happen before and usually I just get a message in Activesync saying that some settings were updated on the server and I need to OK for it to resynch and I may loses changes since the last time I synched (sunk?) my phone.  This time I had no such luck.

I went into activesync and no matter what I tried I just couldn’t get it to synch.  It gave the error code: 0x85010005

After doing some researching, read more

Flying maggots

Article about maggots brought on an airplane 

I’m curious what the passenger was thinking who brough maggot filled meat onto a flight and went to put it in the overhead bin. I’m thinking this may be one of my potential clients.

Next time someone says they are afraid of flying, I’ll need to ask if that is from fear of crashing or because of infestations.

Noise makers driving people to violence

It was only a matter of time before those annoying horns lead to violence. It reminds me of the Waco standoff and the police started playing different sounds through loudspeakers to try to upset the cult followers. I believe some of the sounds were like babies crying or animals moaning. There is some instinctual urge to want to do anything to make certain noises stop. And now we know our next weapon against the terrorists.

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Unusual checked baggage

USA today article about human heads

As best I can understand is that Southwest Airlines discovered a package of 40-60 human heads trying to be sent on one of their flights. Because the package wasn’t properly labeled they discovered the contents and there is now an investigation into whether these were black market body parts being sold for science. Medtronics is a pretty big company and I can’t imagine there is that much of a cost savings for black market over OEM parts when read more