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Unable to get activesync working on my TP2

After around 7:30am today I stopped getting emails on my touch pro 2.  I’ve had this happen before and usually I just get a message in Activesync saying that some settings were updated on the server and I need to OK for it to resynch and I may loses changes since the last time I synched (sunk?) my phone.  This time I had no such luck.

I went into activesync and no matter what I tried I just couldn’t get it to synch.  It gave the error code: 0x85010005

After doing some researching, I found this thread talking about the problem.   It seems that Google did something in the past few days that makes HTML emails choke getting sent via Googlesync to my phone.  People reported success in deleted emails that have HTML coding and then they were able to get things to sync properly.

I tried deleted only a few emails and nothing worked.  I finally had to delete all of the new emails I received since my phone stopped downloading and amazingly, things sync’d just fine.

Hopefully Google will get this fixed soon.

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