Trying to maximize adsense revenue

You can see my initial post on the topic of Placement ads vs Contextual ads here.  Last month I had my November update when I had some mixed results.  I figured I’d do a December update now.

Since my last updated was on November 21, I figured I’d look at November 22 through December 21.  For Website #1 which was up to 6.5% placement ads in November, it is now up to 9.45% placement ads.  The income from placement ads made up 21.58% of the total income from that website, compared to 15% of the income last month.  The placement ads in December were earning about 2.5x the contextual ads per impression.  Obviously the increase in placement ads is a good thing for Website #1.

For Website #2 which was at 9.2% placement ads, it was at 8.94% placement ads in December.  The income from placement ads was 9.93% of the total income from that site.  The placement ads weren’t generating significantly more than the contextual ads for Website #2, but at least the income wasn’t lower like last month.  Interestingly, the eCPM was increased for Website #2 – both on contextual and placement ads.  I’m not sure the reason, but it is a good thing.

Overall, my income on the two sites has increased the past few months, but I’m not sure how much of that is due to creating channels for placement ads and how much is just the change in content on the websites.  It could also be due to the December holiday shopping season.

I’ll update in January and see if there are any worthwhile trends emerging.

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