iPhone 7 Volume Down Button Malfunction

My wife just got an iPhone 7 and within a few days she told me the phone would suddenly show the ringer volume dropping as if she were pressing the volume down button. At first she thought it was the case she was using, but nothing seemed wrong there. Also, after taking the case off, I noticed at one point when the volume was all the way up, the volume down button did nothing.

I haven’t found anything about this online yet. I called Apple and they said bring the phone in for a replacement. read more

Activating Sprint Upgrade Phone on Another Line (Selling Sprint Upgrade)

I love my Sprint plan, but I hate Sprint customer support.  My plan offers an upgrade every 2 years, or approximately a $400 credit towards a new phone in exchange for agreeing to another 2 year contract.  I am still happy with Galaxy S5 (which is still working after getting wet thanks to the fix I found).  The Galaxy S6 I think was a step backwards and the Galaxy S7 doesn’t offer the removable battery which I’ve grown to really like.  Even read more

Sprint Galaxy S5 won’t charge after port got wet – fixed

I’ve had a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 since around when it came out over a year ago.  I didn’t bother with the warranty plan that would replace my phone for any reason.  I’d never taken advantage of the plan when I did have it with previous phones, so figured it wasn’t worth the extra cost.

Now the Galaxy S5 is a waterproof phone.  Unfortunately, there is a little rubber tab that covers the USB charging port on the bottom of the phone that protects that port, but the tab read more

WordPress Jetpack Mobile Googlebot seeing desktop version instead of mobile

I’m doing what I can to get all of my sites ready for the big Google mobile update scheduled for 4/21/15.  I got the notice in the Google Webmaster Tools for the site hosted through GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress that it was not mobile friendly.  I was surprised since I am using the Jetpack Mobile theme, and I have spent a lot of time customizing the appearance to optimize the ad placements.  It has been working well, and GoDaddy appears to read more

How I fixed my Flip Mino

<This is some useful information I’ve moved from another website before it was taken down – the first part is pretty old, but the comments from others included are newer>

I have a Flip Mino – which has been great. I’ve had it several months and don’t use it a real lot.

I go to use it today and shortly after turning it on, it shuts right off. I wasn’t able to turn it on and when I got home and plugged it into my computer the green light on the USB plug didn’t read more

DXR-5 Video Camera is killing my wireless internet

I have AT&T Uverse and I’m mostly happy with the service they provide.  One of the issues that I’ve struggled with is their internet service.  You are locked into using their router / gateway, as the one device provides the connections to TV, phone, and internet (both wired and wireless).

I have a desktop computer in one location that really doesn’t get the best wifi connection.  I also don’t have a hardwired Cat-5 cable there either.  The wireless generally works read more

Win 8 keeps Grub from loading with dual boot Ubuntu on Dell Desktop – Solved

I spent more than a few hours trying to get Ubuntu to play nicely with pre-installed windows 8 on a new Dell Inspiron 660s.  Previously, it was fairly easy to install Ubuntu using WuBi.  Now, thought, there are issues with UEFI which is meant to be an additional security layer.  Also, it seems Windows 8 wants to take over a system’s bios and replace it with their own settings.  All in all, it makes installing Ubuntu more complicated.  read more

Getting my phone to set alarms using just voice commands

After listening to Howard Stern this morning talk about how he loves using Siri on his iPhone to set alarms, I figured I would see if android could do the same.

On my XPRT running Froyo 2.2 I gave it a try.  It recognized my voice just fine but the screen gave an error message saying “set alarm…” in order to use this command you need to download the updated clock app”.  It then gives you a choice to “go to website”.  If you choose that, it takes you to a read more

Unable to find a clickable link on Adsense

After I ran Argente Utilities to try to clean up my computer a bit, I noticed that I was getting occassional errors when browsing with Internet Explorer, but not with Firefox or Chrome.  The specific error was “An Add-On For this Website Failed to Run” and I noticed that some of the adsense ads weren’t loading properly.  Some banner ads were just blank rectangles and the link ads were plain black text and could not be clicked.

I first assumed that something was corrupted with read more

Autocomplete that people just have to click

I had another new traffic record yesterday.  92% of the traffic was related to people searching on the topic of the google trend weirdness post I wrote.

I’m really curious how much of this traffic is from bots trying to alter the Google autosuggestion feature, how much is from people wanting to know why this happens, and how much is from people hoping to find out disgusting stories.

At least I have some hope the people coming here aren’t looking for stories, as the post title makes read more