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iPhone 7 Volume Down Button Malfunction

My wife just got an iPhone 7 and within a few days she told me the phone would suddenly show the ringer volume dropping as if she were pressing the volume down button. At first she thought it was the case she was using, but nothing seemed wrong there. Also, after taking the case off, I noticed at one point when the volume was all the way up, the volume down button did nothing.

I haven’t found anything about this online yet. I called Apple and they said bring the phone in for a replacement. They said they didn’t have any information about the problem but said since it is within 14 days it’d be best to just replace it.

So my wife is in the store and the guy next to her has the exact same problem (except that his phone volume would turn up automatically – leading him to getting in trouble at his work). The genius bar staff said they hadn’t seen it before but with the phone being so new, maybe it will turn out to be a problem.

Aside from the hassle of replacing the phone, I’ll also need to replace the fancy tempered glass screen protector I managed to install almost perfectly. Apple wouldn’t replace it on the new phone. Turns out my wife was able to peel off the old screen protector and get it on the new phone – but not quite as perfectly as I had it.

Has anyone else had this problem? Please post in the comments!

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