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Avery Labels on Laser Printer Ghosting Printing Double Images

I was printing some labels on my Xerox Phaser 6022 printer and I noticed that some of the labels, especially near the bottom were having a double image.  I also noticed that if I printed a second page soon after the first page, it had a lot of the image ghosting – basically many of the lines of print were reprinted an inch or so below.  I’ve printed labels before and not noticed this issue.  I was using a 3rd party toner cartridge, but I had printed labels with this cartridge before without any issues.  The biggest difference this time is that I was printing multiple pages with a very short delay between pages.  And when I did a 3rd page quickly after a second page it was bad enough that I needed to reprint the page.

I tried regular paper and the problem went away, fortunately. So it does seem to be something unique about the label paper.

Reading online, it seems people mostly have problems when they use cheaper / generic labels, but I was using Avery which are supposed to be some of the best as far as I can tell.

I found if I waited a while between printing, that seemed to help.

I also saw that there is a printer setting for the paper type, and one of the settings is “label”.  At first that seemed to help, but if I printed pages back to back, I still got ghosting.

Xerox suggest removing all regular paper from the tray, but I didn’t try that yet.  I’m not sure that would make much difference.

I did see someone claim that they got rid of the problem by setting the paper type to “rough“, but I don’t have that option in my settings.  Basically, it seems that when set to the other paper types it will be hotter and slower to allow for better transfer of the toner, or something along those lines.

I used to only print one page at a time with a long delay between.  I would have thought that printing one after another would be hotter and transfer better, but apparently that isn’t the case.  For me, waiting works well enough.  When I print some more labels, I’ll probably

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