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Jabra Pro 930 for Skype USB Device not Recognized

Short answer:  Try to unplug the headset from the wall outlet and then plug it back in, and then connect to the USB port to the computer.

Longer version:

So, my wife works from home and I spent a ton of time researching a good option for her to use as a headset that will work with Skype for Business and also allow her to move all throughout the house while taking phone calls.

After much review, which perhaps I will write up separately, she wound up with the Jabra Pro 930 for Skype.  It was very easy to set-up and get working.  Also, it has GREAT range (which the previous bluetooth headset I tried did not have – also for another post).

She had it working well and was using it regularly for several days.  She tends to unplug it from the USB port of the computer in order to use the computer microphone and speaker when she is sitting by the computer.

Today, she got an error message when she tried to plug the headset back into the USB port.  In the Jabra Direct software, it says that the device is not connected, and a message pops up in the bottom left corner of Windows 10 saying:

USB device not recognized  The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.

I did a Google search and tried all sorts of options.  First, I tried rebooting the computer – nothing – trying both unplugging the headset before rebooting and also trying rebooting while plugged in and then unplugging and replugging.  Same error message keeps popping up.

I tried going into the device manager and uninstalling the device, unplugging the device, rebooting and then plugging the device back in.  Still getting an error.

I tried changing the USB port power settings – no change.  Same error.

Finally, I tried unplugging the headset stand from the wall outlet.  I then plugged it back in and the stand beeped.  I then plugged in the stand and amazingly it worked!

So, I would suggest trying to unplug the headset from the wall outlet and then plug it back in, and then connect to the USB port.

I hope if you came here looking for a solution that this works for you!

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