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Seinfeld solution

I just noticed it today. A funky smell when I got into the car. I don’t think it was there this morning, but it was definitely there when I went to run some errands at lunch time. Now to try to figure it out.


Yesterday evening the little F’rs did eat some chicken nuggets in the back seat but I don’t think they dropped any. There was one or two left that I put on the front seat floor to bring home for poochie. I looked around the car at lunch time and didn’t see any food remnants. Under the seats maybe?


There is also a baseball bat little F’r 1.4 put in the car. With the heat from outside could that smell so foul? I doubt it. There is also a carseat for future F’r 2.1 someone lent us that is in the trunk. It’s been in there since Saturday and I didn’t notice any smell now. I don’t think that’s a likely source but I will be keeping it elsewhere once I get home.


Could it be a bad odor from under the hood, blowing in with the air conditioning? I hope not.


If I can’t easily find the source, this could get really bad. I’m guessing the kids dropped something, but the bat and car seat will be gone tonight and then we’ll see tomorrow. Yuck.

2 thoughts on “Seinfeld solution”

  1. Not that anyone has actually read this post, but in case someone does in the future I figure I may as well give some follow-up. By the end of the day when I went to my car to leave work, the car no longer smelled. I’m wondering if it was some odor outside or if I was following a stinky truck or something. One of those bizarre things for which I’ll never have an answer. I’m just grateful that the odor is gone!

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