1. Red light dead . As suggested i took my swiss knife and opened the flip because THE reset didnt work. It is charging again and still got my video’s!

    It was quite à job à few scratches, but worth it

    Tanks from THE netherlands

  2. Can someone show a picture of the battery? My Flip Mido is dead and I opened it up and can’t figure out what the battery is.

  3. Thanks this was very helpful as I had no idea there was a reset button in the tripod hole. I still have my original flip box but none of the instructions it came with. Go figure!

  4. Unfortunately, after tearing it down, it seems that it is the battery that’s gone dead. Does anyone know what the battery pinouts are? I’m pretty sure that the red and black are 3.7V + and – respectively, but what about the blue and green?

    • I don’t know, but it is a 3.7v battery. I’ve read that the black and red are the power wires and the middle two convey battery information back to the device, like temperature. Red is traditionally positive and black is traditionally negative as you said. If you find anything else, please add the information here. I’ve seen replacement batteries on eBay for under $15.

      • My dad got this as a Christmas gift and was surprised that it did not work out-of-the-box. He tried charging it overnight but it still didn’t turn on. He handed it to me so that I could try and fix it. I found several sites regarding the product, including yours, to help since it seems that this product has seen its ‘End-Of-Life’.

        When my dad initially tried to charge it, he connected it to his apple charger. The red light blinked and was gone in the morning. I tried connecting it to my laptop and the red light blinked but it did not stop. Also, the laptop did not recognize anything being plugged into it. I did the whole ‘reset’ thing-a-ma-gig and ended up with the same results. I did notice that when I push the red button while being charged the blinking stopped and the laptop would initialize the driver install (unfortunately, it would not install it properly).

        After tearing it down… still nothing. Tore it down again and checked the battery. It read 0.01 v on the tester. (note: this is the first time I tried troubleshooting batteries with 4 leads and only the red + black gave out a reading) I have an external mobile battery charger and tried to hook it up by inserting 2 pins for the red and black wires. It’s a universal charger for almost any mobile battery – uses AC to charge DC at a low amp. I know for a fact that you cannot charge a battery and use it at the same time. This is why most cellphone batteries have at least 3 leads. Anyway, after a few hours of charging, the tester read -0.01 v.

        Well, bottom line is, I really don’t want to spend $14.99 on something that I’m not sure will even work. Call me stingy, but I’d rather try to power it up with my spare Samsung Galaxy S battery (which is also 3.7 v but about 10 mm wider) first and see what happens.

  5. With my Flip MinoHD, I tried GB’s solution,
    > I have a flip HD its the later small one with the metal case….

    and while his description is pretty accurate, I found that when I lifted my PCBs I broke a small red wire that I had no hope to reconnect, even if I could find it’s destination. I ended up scrapping the project 🙁 and I’ll recycle the battery and keep the camera mount for another project. I’m bummed that my Flip is really gone (after not using it for a year), but I figured it wasn’t working anyways.

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